How to install close board fencing

12th Feb 2024

how to install closeboard fencing

Are you ready to explore the realm of close board feather edge fencing? This blog will walk you through the installation process of this sought-after fencing type, enabling you to establish a secure and fashionable boundary for your garden. From acquiring the essential materials to detailed instructions, every aspect will be addressed. Prepare to get your hands dirty and enhance your outdoor area with this sturdy and appealing choice. 

FEB, 2024

For concrete recessed posts and concrete gravel boards...

Step 1- Planning and preperation 

-To determine the quantity of materials required, it is important to measure the length of the area where you plan to install the fence.

-Make sure to mark the position of the recessed fence posts accurately using either string or a chalk line. Ensure that the distance between each post is the same and that they are properly aligned.

Step 2- Digging the post holes

-Make sure to use a post hole digger or spade to dig the holes for the recessed posts. The depth of the holes should match the specifications of the concrete recessed posts you are using.

Step 3- Installing the concrete recessed posts

-Place each recessed post into a hole, making sure they are level and aligned with the string or chalk line.

-Fill the holes with postmix, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Ensure that the posts are firmly embedded in the concrete for added stability.

Step 4- Installing concrete Gravel Board

-Make sure to securely attach the concrete gravek boards to the recessed posts using the right fixings, like screws or brackets, and ensure they are level.

Step 5- Attaching the feather edge boards 

-Begin by securing the initial feather edge board to the first two posts at one end of the fence line using nails or screws. Ensure the board is level and firmly attached with our Tidy fence tool.

-Repeat the process for each board, attaching them ti the remaining posts until the enitre fence line is covered.

Step 6- Finishing touches 

If necessary, use a saw to trim and remove any excess lengths from the boards.

Please ensure that all boards are securely attached and level. Double check for any necessary adjustments.

You have the choice to apply a wood preservative or paint to safeguard the fence from weathering, if you wish.