How to extend your posts

12th Feb 2024

How to extend your timber or concrete posts

Homeowners may want taller fences for various reasons. One reason is to increase privacy from passers-by and curious neighbors. Another reason is simply because they like the look of a tall fence.

Good news! Starting from scratch may not be necessary. You have the option to increase the height of your fences by adding additional panels or lattices. However, keep in mind that you will also need to extend the height of the posts that support them.

FEB, 2024

Don't know if you should Extend a Wooden Fence Post or Replace It?

You can raise the height of a wooden fence post as long as it's in good condition. If it's only partially rotted or damaged from the middle upwards, you can increase its height by removing the affected area and attaching an extension. However, if the entire post is damaged, for example, due to insect infestation, it will be necessary to replace it.

Simple Ways to Increase Wooden Fence Post Height

Use Metal Post Extenders

Qwik post extenders are perfect for increasing the height of your fence posts by up to one meter, allowing you to effortlessly attach a trellis or panel. Simply attach the qwik post extender onto the existing post using the drive in tool to prevent any damage to the socket. Once this step is completed, you can easily add a new post on top of the post extender, resulting in a longer post. We have 3 x 3 and 4 x 4 extenders available.

Use wood to extend

You can complete this task by using two pieces of 1×4 lumber. Simply attach them to each side of the post. Begin by securing the new post on top of the existing ones. After that, use screws or nails to strengthen the joints by attaching the facer boards on either side of the post. If you are extending your post to attach a trellis on to the top of your panel, we recommend using h posts on top of the existing post. This will make it easier for the trellis to just slot into the post without having to use U clips.