How to build a fence

21st Feb 2024

How to build a fence with concrete posts and gravel boards? 

Can gravel boards be inserted into concrete posts? What is the method for attaching gravel boards to concrete fence posts? Our comprehensive guide on constructing a fence using concrete posts and gravel boards provides answers to these inquiries and much more. Constructing a fence with concrete posts and gravel boards is an excellent approach to establish a robust and durable fence. Below is a basic guide to assist you in getting started.

FEB, 2024

Pros and cons for using concrete posts and gravel boards



Durability:Concrete posts and gravel boards are renowned for their exceptional durability and ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This makes them an ideal and long-lasting choice for your fence.

Cost: Concrete posts and gravel boards may have a higher initial cost in comparison to conventional wooden posts.

Stability:Concrete posts offer exceptional stability and reinforcement for your fence panels, effectively preventing any potential sagging or leaning.

Installation difficulty: The process of installing concrete posts may require more labor and time compared to wooden posts.

Resistance to rot and pests:Concrete posts, in contrast to wooden posts, are impervious to decay and immune to destruction caused by pests such as termites.

Aesthetic Appeal: Certain individuals might favor the organic aesthetic of wooden posts as opposed to the industrial look of concrete posts.
Low Maintenance: Concrete posts and gravel boards, once installed, demand very little maintenance, ultimately saving time and effort in the future.

Step 1- Plan and measure

Please measure the length and height of your fence and indicate where the concrete posts will be placed. It is important to verify local regulations and property boundaries before proceeding.

Step 2- Dig the holes

It is advisable to utilize a post hole digger to excavate holes for the concrete posts. We suggest that the posts be buried 2ft deep into the ground.

Step 3- Insert the posts 

Install the concrete posts in the designated holes, ensuring they are both level and properly aligned. Utilize a spirit level to verify their straightness. It may be necessary to utilize Listers post mix (Our postmix (postcrete) is perfect for wooden and concrete posts, as it is ready striaght from the bag. It is designed to produce a high strength concrete, setting in under 10 minutes in normal weather conditions. All you need to do is add water!) or concrete to firmly secure the posts in position.

Step 4- Attach the gravel boards 

After the concrete has hardened, affix the gravel boards to the posts. Gravel boards are commonly constructed from concrete or treated timber, and are positioned at the base of the fence panels to avoid direct contact with the ground. They offer additional support and safeguard against moisture.

Step 5- Install the fence panels

Affix the fence panels to the concrete posts utilizing suitable fasteners like screws and brackets. Ensure the panels are aligned and uniformly separated. It may be necessary to trim the panels to achieve the desired length.

Kindly note that the fence panels from our continental panel range are not the full 6ft (1.83m) long. Therefore, you will need to either cut the gravel board down or add contilats to the side for proper installation.

Step 6- Secure the panels

Utilize extra fasteners like nails and screws to firmly attach the fence panels to the gravel boards and posts. Ensure to verify the levelness and alignment periodically during the process.

Step 7- Finishing touches 

Once the fence panels have been firmly installed, you have the option to incorporate supplementary elements, such as gates or ornamental caps, to achieve a finished appearance.

Please keep in mind that this is merely a fundamental guide, and the precise steps may differ based on the type of fence and materials you are using. It is always advisable to seek advice from professionals or refer to detailed instructions for your particular project. Best of luck with constructing your fence!