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What is the legal height for a fence?

The maximum fence height allowed without planning permission legally is two metres (6'6”).

Posted 6th June 2024

New Product Alert!

See our new porcelain range

3 New procelain slabs in stock HS Grey, Kandla Grey, Cliff. Porcelain slabs are a fantastic choice for various reasons. They are highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains, and moisture, making them perfect for areas with heavy use.

Posted 6th June 2024

New Product Alert! Framed Willow Hurdle 1.8m x 1.8m

willow framed hurdle fencing consists of framework made of willow branches with smaller branches woven in between to form a sturdy felixble barrier. It is a natural looking option for fencing that blends well with gardens and natural landscapes. The willow branches are usually woven horizontally between the vertical supports creating a visually appealing rustic fence.

Posted 6th June 2024

Benefits of having a gravel driveway

This blog aims to elucidate the numerous advantages of having a gravel driveway. From its cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance to its charming and rustic appeal, there are plenty of reasons to appreciate gravel driveways. So, prepare yourself to explore why gravel could potentially be the ideal choice for your driveway requirements.

Posted 2nd April 2024

How to work out your decking hand rails

Are you interested in learning how to install decking handrails? If so, you have found the right resource. This blog will provide a comprehensive guide on calculating the materials required for your decking handrails. From measuring the length of your deck to determining the necessary number of posts and spindles, all aspects will be covered. By the conclusion of this blog, you will possess the necessary knowledge to effectively plan and construct your ideal decking. Let's begin.

Posted 29th March 2024

New Product Alert! Sleeper pins

Introducing the latest addition to the Fencemate range - the new 440mm Galvanised Sleeper Pin. This product offers a simple and convenient solution for securing softwood garden sleepers in a variety of garden construction projects. Whether you are building pathways, raised beds, or stabilizing retaining walls, these Sleeper Pins provide dependable support.

Posted 26th March 2024

New Product Alert! Planed Sleepers 90mm X 190mm 2.4m

Planed sleepers can be a great addition to yoru garden! They are long rectangular wooden beams that can be used for creating raised beds, borders, or even steps. Planed sleepers have a smoother and more refined surface compared to noraml sleepers. This makes them more visually appealing and comfortable to touch. The planing process removes any rough edges making them a safer alternative to use in your garden. If your looking for a sleek and polished look for your garden, planed sleepers would be a great choice. 

Posted 14th March 2024

Enhance the longevity of your fence panels with these tips

Welcome to our blog where we will explore valuable tips on prolonging the lifespan of fence panels. If you have timber fence panels in your garden, you understand the significance of maintaining them in top condition. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or simply aiming to provide your fence with some extra care, we have you covered with these straightforward yet efficient strategies[...]

Posted 4th March 2024

How to calculate composite fencing

Hey! Are you excited to explore the realm of composite decking? This blog will guide you through the process of calculating composite decking so you can tackle your project with ease. Whether you're an experienced DIYer or a beginner, we've got you covered. From measuring your deck's dimensions to determining the correct amount of deck boards needed, we'll take you through each stage[...]

Posted 4th March 2024

How to install closeboard fencing

Are you ready to explore the realm of close board feather edge fencing? This blog will walk you through the installation process of this sought-after fencing type, enabling you to establish a secure and fashionable boundary for your garden. From acquiring the essential materials[...]

Posted 26th February 2024

How to keep your garden safe and secure

Welcome to our garden safety blog! I am thrilled to provide you with valuable advice on maintaining a secure and protected garden. Whether you are concerned about safeguarding your plants from pests or ensuring the safety of your outdoor area, I am here to assist you[...]

Posted 26th February 2024

Choose the right field gate hinges

Selecting the appropriate hinges for your field gate can be challenging if you lack experience in this area. We recommend consulting our blog for guidance and tips[...]

Posted 26th February 2024

Shiplap or tongue and groove cladding?

Shiplap cladding and tongue and groove are both commonly chosen for wall paneling or exterior siding. In this article, we analyze the top two types of cladding that are commonly used. In this article, we analyze the top two types of cladding that are commonly used [...]

Posted 21st February 2024

How to build a fence with concrete posts and gravel boards?

Can gravel boards be inserted into concrete posts? What is the method for attaching gravel boards to concrete fence posts? Our comprehensive guide on constructing a fence using concrete posts and gravel boards provides answers to these inquiries and much more [...]

Posted 21st February 2024

How to clean your patio in your garden

Your patio slabs have endured harsh weather conditions for months, including wind, frost, and heavy rain. As a result, the grime on your patio is becoming more noticeable now that spring has arrived. However, there's no need to worry because Listers Timber is here to assist you. Whether your patio has a greenish tint or shows signs of mold, restoring it to its former glory is a simple task[...]

Posted 21st February 2024

Installation Tips for Timber field gates

Installing a timber field gate is a rewarding DIY project that enhances your property's appearance and functionality. Whether you're looking to secure your garden, create a stylish entrance to your property, or simply need a durable gate for your field, getting it right is crucial. With this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the essential installation tips for hanging your wooden gate, ensuring a sturdy and appealing finish[...]

Posted 19th February 2024

How to point your patio with Easy joint

Are you looking for guidance on how to point your patio but unsure of where to start? Look no further than Azpects's EASYJoint paving jointing compound. As the leading paving jointing compound in the UK, it offers four different color options and is suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With its user-friendly application and ability to withstand all weather conditions, landscaping has never been easier[...]

Posted 15th February 2024

How to calculate your timber decking?

Installing your own decking might seem overwhelming, but with careful planning and the right materials, you can create an exceptional outdoor space. Start by choosing the perfect location for your deck, considering factors like sunlight, shade, and privacy for yourself and your neighbors. Avoid completely shaded or damp areas as they'll need more maintenance[...]

Posted 14th February 2024

4 ways to use sleepers

In this blog post, we will delve into 4 creative ways to incorporate timber sleepers, including oak sleepers, into your landscaping and gardening endeavors. Discover the most popular methods to utilize these versatile materials and gain valuable insights on selecting the perfect railway sleepers or oak sleepers for your specific project. Let's explore the endless possibilities together[...]

Posted 12th February 2024

What is plywood used for?

Plywood possesses a natural ability to endure significant stress and withstand harsh weather conditions. While structural plywood is primarily recommended for beams and hoardings, it is also widely utilized in crates, bins, internal structures, outdoor furniture, and boxes. Moreover, structural plywood serves as an excellent choice for wall and roof bracing purposes[...]

Posted 12th February 2024

A guide to installing Composite Decking

Composite decking provides homeowners with a resilient and easy-to-care-for option to enhance their outdoor living areas. If you are contemplating the installation of composite decking, this comprehensive guide will provide you with a detailed walkthrough of the entire process. Prior to commencing the project[...]

Posted 12th February 2024

A guide to installing timber decking

With summer just around the corner, you might be looking for ways to improve your garden and ensure it is a safe, relaxing place that you can enjoy for the summer months. Decking is a great option and can completely transform your outdoor space. If you’re taking the DIY approach to installing your garden decking, you will need to know all [...]
Posted 12th February 2024

How to extend your timber posts

Homeowners may want taller fences for various reasons. One reason is to increase privacy from passers-by and curious neighbors. Another reason is simply because they like the look of a tall fence. Good news! Starting from scratch may not be necessary. You have the option to increase the height of your fences by adding additional panels[...]

Posted 12th February 2024

How to install trellis to a fence or wall

People love using trellis because it has many uses and is adaptable. It can make a fence taller, improving privacy and adding to the overall look of the garden. It's also great for hiding ugly parts of the yard or dividing sections. Plus, it provides a structure for plants to climb. If you're wondering how to install trellis, here are some handy tips[...]

Posted 12th February 2024

New! Mini sleeper tanalised brown 100 x 200 2.4m

Not only do we have tanalised sleepers in green but we now have them in brown too. Our Sleepers are safe to use, and are suitable for all garden landscaping projects. They are large, rectangle sleepers that are pressure treated with a green preservative to extend its life. 
Posted 11th February 2024

New range of Calor gas 6kg & 13kg propane and 7kg butane 

See our 3 new members of our calor gas range. We now sell 6kg Propane, 13kg Propane and 7kg Butane. Calor's propane gas bottles come in a variety of sizes, ideal for heating, cooking, commercial catering and caravanning. Shop the range online here.
Posted 11th February 2024

New product alert! hedgehog gravel boards

The population of hedgehogs has significantly decreased in recent years, with the species now officially classified as vulnerable to extinction. To support their survival, consider installing Professional Hedgehog Concrete Gravel Boards with a 13cm cut out. 
Posted 7th February 2024

Roofing felt guide- which one to use?

Welcome to our blog, where we will dive deep into the world of roofing felt. Here at Listers we offer 3 kinds of felt Shed felt, Slaters felt and Mineral felt. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or simply interested in the topic, this guide will provide you with all the essential information [...]
Posted 7th February 2024

10 benefits of using Eco Fencing in your garden

Fencing is a great way to protect and add aesthetic value to your garden or property. But have you ever considered using eco fencing? Also known as composite fencing, this type of fencing is made from recycled materials and offers a range of benefits that traditional fencing materials cannot. [...]
Posted 7th February 2024

What does tanalised actually mean?

Tanalised timber, also known as pressure-treated timber, is a type of wood that has been treated with chemicals to enhance its durability and resistance to decay. This process involves placing the timber in a pressure vessel and injecting preservatives into the wood under high pressure[...]
Posted 7th February 2024

What is the difference between C16 and C24?

When it comes to timber, it's important to understand the different grades and classifications in order to make informed decisions for your construction projects. One such classification is C16 & C24 timber, which refers to the strength and quality of the wood. The 'C' stands for conifer, which can include woods such[....]
Posted 7th February 2024

How to choose the ideal garden gate for your home

Whether you are looking to refurbish your garden or simply enhance your home's curb appeal, one key aspect to pay attention to is your garden gate. This not only serves as an entrance and exit point to your green sanctuary, but it also plays a significant role in ensuring security and enhancing your property's style[...] 

Posted 7th February 2024

Welcome to Listers Timber new blog

Welcome to Listers Timber & Builders Merchants, your trusted source for high-quality timber products. In this new blog, we'll explore the numerous benefits of our products and give out helpful and handy tips. We will also post about our new products with descriptions to keep all of our customers updated[...]
Posted 2nd February 2024